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Get your podcast started today with a practical course designed to achieve quick and successful results. 20-year veteran of commercial radio and host of number one shows in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, Simon Baggs, will be your personal coach.

Simon will provide the education, mentoring and motivation you need. In weeks, you’ll be producing a professional podcast with rich content that will attract listeners and advertisers. Join the next generation of podcast professionals by signing up for a course at The Audio College.

"Simon Baggs is one of the few great presenters and audio coaches in this country. There’s plenty to learn from him."

Simon Baggs

It’s difficult to find a more passionate and driven commercial radio host and podcaster than Simon Baggs. During a successful 20-year career, he’s attracted huge audiences in the most competitive markets in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast and Newcastle. Simon is known for creating some of the most creative content and ambitious campaigns on Australian radio. His Bring Ellen Down Under campaign went viral and eventually took him all the way to LA to appear live on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. More recently, his runway gig on Facebook saw Queensland band, Sheppard, perform live at the Gold Coast Airport during the pandemic. At the beginning of 2022, Simon accepted the role of Senior Content Development Manager, Australia and New Zealand at Acast, the worlds largest podcast company.

Simon is determined to find, educate and mentor top radio and podcast talent with The Audio College. Teaching his students the personal techniques he’s used to develop his own successful career, Simon provides a modern, effective and practical course that will result in the production of professional-standard podcasts and radio shows by the end of the four-week course. 





My Mission

"To discover and develop the next generation of independent podcasters"

What's included

Whether you’re starting out or ready to take the next step in your career, The Audio College provides handy packages that will ensure you get the right amount of resources and personal coaching. This four-week program will give you the knowledge and support you need for success.


Learn how to plan and create compelling content, find your voice, map your career and build a loyal audience. Learn the ideal strategy from a leading audio coach and a current number 1 radio host.


Direct access to Simon Baggs to help you put the strategies, ideas and tools to work and get your Podcast or Radio show in-front of the right ears


Make connections, get support and build relationships with like-minded people in our exclusive Facebook group


Access to the official Audio College E-Book, LIVE classes to gain the skills and knowledge you need to create your cult following All course materials, video, training guide and bonus extras are within the four week course that you can access on your phone, tablet or desktop


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