Get your career as a commercial radio host or popular podcaster started today with a practical course designed to achieve quick results. 20-year veteran of commercial radio and host of number one shows in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, Simon Baggs, will be your personal coach.

Simon will provide the education, mentoring and motivation you need. In just five weeks, you’ll be producing professional shows with rich content that will attract listeners and advertisers. Join the next generation of radio and podcast professionals by signing up for a course at The Audio College.

create professional podcasts and radio shows in just 5 weeks

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It’s difficult to find a more passionate and driven commercial radio host and podcaster than Simon Baggs. During a successful 20-year career, he’s attracted huge audiences in the most competitive markets in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast and Newcastle. Simon is known for creating some of the most creative content and ambitious campaigns on Australian radio. His Bring Ellen Down Under campaign went viral and eventually took him all the way to LA to appear live on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. More recently, his runway gig on Facebook saw Queensland band, Sheppard, perform live at the Gold Coast Airport during the pandemic.

Simon is determined to find, educate and mentor top radio and podcast talent with The Audio College. Teaching his students the personal techniques he’s used to develop his own successful career, Simon provides a modern, effective and practical course that will result in the production of professional-standard podcasts and radio shows by the end of the five-week course. 

Simon Baggs





My Mission

"To discover and develop the next generation of commercial radio and podcast stars.  "




Whether you're starting out or ready to take the next step in your career, The Audio College provides handy packages that will ensure you get the right amount of resources and personal coaching. This five-week program will give you the knowledge and support you need for success. 

What's included...

Learn how to plan and create compelling content, find your voice, map your career and build a loyal audience. Learn the ideal strategy from a leading audio coach and a current number 1 radio host.

Direct access to Simon Baggs to help you put the strategies, ideas and tools to work and get your Podcast or Radio show in-front of the right ears

Make connections, get support and build relationships with like-minded people in our exclusive Facebook group


Access to the official Audio College E-Book, LIVE classes to gain the skills and knowledge you need to create your cult following

All course materials, video, training guide and bonus extras are within the five week course that you can access on your phone, tablet or desktop

"Simon Baggs is one of the few great presenters in this country. There’s plenty to learn from him." 

kyle sandilands

"Simon Baggs is one of the most experienced and savvy media personalities in Australia. Learning from him has been an incredibly useful asset in my career. He is an understanding mentor; someone who will listen to you, answer questions and advise practical solutions to problems you may be facing. Working at multiple radio networks over 20 years is no easy feat. He did this by being an excellent relationship builder. There are many people across the world who respect his big content ideas, work ethic and audio knowledge. Sheppard playing on the Gold Coast Airport runway is an example of a very well-thought-out execution. The ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of that particular execution is deep and, honestly, quite brilliant. That knowledge is something you can attain. Having Simon as a mentor has been one of the best resources for my career and if you want to get ahead in a competitive industry, The Audio College and Simon Baggs is the right choice for you."


Jake powell 
announcer and music director
sca / grant broadcasters

Keeshia pettit Breakfast radio host

"Simon has been a constant support and mentor for me during my breakfast radio career. He has helped me navigate important decisions with career advice and connect me with the right people in the radio and audio industry. He has a distinctive way of connecting to an audience and has drawn on his extensive experience to teach me to create unique and compelling content. Simon taught me the ‘nothing is impossible, you just have to know how to work around obstacles’ attitude, and I couldn’t recommend a mentor who appreciates the industry in the way he does more. It’s rare for someone who truly understands the current climate of audio production to have as much experience as he does."

sonia Jahshan
Executive producer
kyle and jackie o

"Simon has worked in the commercial radio and audio industry for 20+ plus years holding highly sought after positions.  He has a wide range of knowledge on the competitive entertainment business and has had a very successful career in a number of key markets. I personally have had the pleasuring of producing two of his radio shows and I can confidently say he understands how to create and execute content that attracts a large audience.
Simon is not just a talent but a content producer which is rare, he understands how to create moments on air that engage audiences and keep fans wanting more.  He is empathetic towards on-air talent and their needs in regards to their performance and achieving their own goals.
When I first started in  the industry over 10 years ago, he helped guide me into the position I’m in today, his an incredible mentor and friend. I highly recommend learning about the audio industry from Simon Baggs."

"Simon Baggs gave me the best introduction into the audio industry. He continues to push my career along much faster than I expected. With a wealth of knowledge and the ability to coach and guide you to create great radio, Simon is easily the top of his field when it comes to a modern coach in the audio industry.
I was previously the Executive Producer of Hit 106.9, with Simon being one of the hosts of the show, and his constant ability to push boundaries, generate compelling content and make an impact in people’s lives through the content on-air is second to none. Simon always pushes me to be the best producer and performer and his mentorship is undoubtedly one of the most impactful of my career to date. If you want to work in radio or host your own podcast The Audio College will place you will ahead of others in the industry."

tyran stig
actor / producer 

"I had the privilege to work with Simon on a number one breakfast show and accomplished some of the biggest creative executions of my career. This included a live sold out theatre production, producing the first radio show on mainstream TV, creating a digital TV series when ‘webisodes’ were not a thing, and going on the Ellen Show. This was all done with limited to no resource, but with Simon’s tenacity, intelligence and pure determination made all of this come to fruition. Just one of those achievements is a career game changer, with Simon I had many. 
I have been lucky enough to be exposed to a lot of great audio teachers, but no one comes close to Simon. For me he is the best audio teacher in the country and with his knowledge it has made me have a successful audio career – So thanks for the many lessons Simon! 
Simon is a person that keeps learning and pushing himself, so if you want to have the most cutting-edge audio knowledge, learn from him."

Luke parsons
head of the studio


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